Connecting with guests make them feel positive emotions against your hotel.

And when they are really connected, they LOVE your hotel AND

You make more repeat guests.

Better connection to your guests make them feel valued, just like home - and everyone loves to come back home. And guess what: repeat guests usually book direct with you, no OTA fees on them!

You make more revenue.

Research and surveys show that better connected guests spend 21% more money on the property compared to others. This comes on top of your OTA fee savings.

You get better online reviews.

Connected guests become your advocates - offline and online. They don't only publish positive reviews but defend you when some other guest gets unfair against you.

Home2nite enables hotels to create better connections to their guests over their own mobile devices.

Fast. Simple. Effective.

Simple is beautiful.

We love to keep things simple, even if high-tech involved. Because simple is fast to learn and effective to use.
Mobile Apps.  It's not rocket science.

Mobile Apps. It's not rocket science.

You don’t have an idea on what should the mobile app have? Don’t worry, we have it ready for you. Just send us some pictures of your property. You don't have all the pictures? Don't worry, we will arrange that!

We don't mess with your operations.

We don't mess with your operations.

You have spent years to build and excel your operational procedures and transforming them is not easy. We deliver minimum to no impact to your hotel operations.

Do you need ideas for customer engagement? Let us give you some.

Do you need ideas for customer engagement? Let us give you some.

Home2nite platform comes with ready to use marketing and customer engagement ideas & scenarios - to make it fast & effective for you.


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