1 – Hotels in your hands, literally!

We all are too busy to spare some time from our hectic day and sit at the table to book directly or from websites, so why bother booking a hotel room while our smartphones applications are easily downloaded and accessible from anywhere, at your available time?  Now it is not much difficult to arrange yourself a holiday while drinking coffee at your lunch break…

2 – Keep your hotel in the business!

When you get contact directly with a hotel, you are more able to keep personal contact and leave responsibilities to them because of the elimination of middle agents. When some problem shows up, using intermediary is more likely to complicate the situation making hotels stay out of the business instead of giving them a primary liability. Let’s make it much more obvious: if you do not like the soup, saying your problem to the cook brings faster and much more time-efficient solution instead of saying your complaint to the waiter, right?

3 – You are special!

Don’t you want to feel special? When it comes to more standardized and basic services, it’s OK in other travel agents. But what if you want something exclusive and specific?  Here mobile apps get on the stage. In order for the customized services, applications are just one click away on your smartphone to provide what you specifically wish for.

4 – It’s easy tı be wise after before the event via Home2nite!

After checkout, of course, you can rate the hotel but what if you would be able to rate during the staying? At this point, applications are offering you such an opportunity to state your dislikes, thereby increasing the quality and pleasure of your staying before it is not too late!

5 – Feel technology in your room!

While technology has been advancing so fast outside why would not we take it inside? New technology allows hotel guests to use their smartphones to check in, key into rooms, and communicate with hotel services through just one click via the application. Better room-technology enables guests to take advantage of enhanced comfort and customized service.

6 – Better qualified stores to keep your data!

Applications perceive each guest as special in principle; therefore, it is vitally important to respond every customized demand in the right place at the right time. In the attempt to increase exclusive guest satisfaction, Home2nite has developed high-level secure data storage system. Through all this personal data, hotel operators now enable to reach a wealth of insights, which leads to a personal touch for every special guest.

7 – Collective Loyalty Programme, wow what’s that?

Loyalty sounds good, but here comes better. Let’s make it simple. You have stayed at A hotel, and such accommodation probably gives you some points or stars, etc. to use in a further visit to A hotel. What if you are able to use such points at B hotel? This is now what Home2nite can do. You are perceived as a loyal guest in our app and rewarded through many promotions, discounts, and special services in various hotels.

8 – You don’t have to be get trapped under 5-stars!

The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving to adhere to dynamic guest expectations. Besides major hotel brands, much more small-scale hotels come into the business along with shifts in customer demands. Home2nite expands your range in selection process bringing boutique hotels together. You are still able to enjoy the luxury of stars but Home2nite considers what if you do not want to.

9 – Applications offer more meaningful experiences!

Along with advances in technology customer needs, wants and priorities differ, especially for the millennial traveler. Hotels need to focus on inspiration, personalization, and local experiences. Through applications, you are able to reach out more options to do collecting more sophisticated, regional and memorable experiences.

10. Last but not the least, mobile ubiquity via Home2nite!

Through technology, things kept evolving rapidly and now the hospitality industry is inevitably connected to the advent of smartphones. They are now capable of doing so many things besides phone call or just texting! With their smartphones guests will be able to control their accommodation with the help of their phone, one application away from all their needs, wishes, and special demands. Only one click is enough to get some food into your room, or maybe purchase some movies or access via smart room keys in a smartphone.

It is easy to state 10 reasons why you should get Home2nite, but for sure it is easier to download it and enjoy!

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