Customer experience is becoming more and more important not only in the hospitality industry but in all businesses. Some statistics even suggest that a considerable amount of potential guests put customer experience before the price.

Since mobile technologies have become an important aspect of all our lives it is impossible to imagine being able to reach out to customers without a mobile strategy or implement a complete customer experience. This brings us to the point where we should focus on the importance of mobile apps and state out some of the benefits clearly.

1.Improve Customer Database

By the means of a useful mobile app, hotels can easily expand their guest databases extensively. Some may think that you can easily ask your guests for contact or personal information, but in an era where information is a commodity, just asking people for their information irritates them. They usually evade or totally reject this request or even provide false information.

However, if you give them a useful mobile hotel application which provides value for them, they usually provide that information willingly. In fact, According to a Martech report Millennials more willing to give up personal data in exchange for personalized experiences. This way you can not only collect valuable information but also collect data about their interactions with your hotel. Plus, you can achieve providing personalised experiences without irritating or annoying your guests.

2. Improve Brand Loyalty

Hotels can use applications to enable booking services and present immediate loyalty program awards. A mobile app can also be used to collect real-time guest feedback, be immediately aware of any dissatisfaction or complaint and turn them into opportunities by solving them quickly. Problems may arouse dissatisfaction but on the contrary, a hotel acts swiftly to solve their guests’ problems promotes higher satisfaction. Remember, people love go-getters.

3.Gain Competitive Edge

Going mobile is still an ongoing process for many small businesses and even worldwide hospitality brands. So acting quickly and starting to use a mobile app will surely provide an upper hand in the competition.

Nowadays, travellers demand mobile services everywhere they go, and for everything they seek. In other words, they are addicted to mobile applications such as Uber, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Uber Eats, Instagram and so on. In addition, the mobility of hotel visitors also increased so they request from the hotels to offer mobile services.

A mobile hotel app is also a great way to communicate with the guests and since they are looking for convenience within easy reach, hotels can make it more convenient for them to bond and communicate with the brand via a mobile application. Summing up, a mobile application can provide the following competitive advantages:

    • Improve guest satisfaction
    • Decrease OTA (online travel agency) costs
    • Increase revenue
    • Build a better online reputation
  • Increase guest ownership

4. Take Advantage of Steadily Increasing Mobile Usage 

With the increasing use of mobile devices, the requirements and demands of guests have changed considerably. As an increased amount of people are using mobile devices, in order to reach information about products and services, the mobile market has turned into a new sales platform that is highly efficient and open for fast sales and increased profit. Hotels are able to contact their guests and provide information about special promotion offers with their dedicated application.


5. Add a Personal Touch to your Brand Communications

In addition to providing hotel guests to contact relevant hotel staff more quickly, a mobile app is a bit more personal than a social media account or a corporate website. First of all the hotel starts having their dedicated an privileged place in the guest’s very personal mobile device. The guests also become aware of the idea that they can contact or interact with the brand anytime they wish.

Aside from that, guests can use the application to check-in to the hotel. Many pieces of information are included in the quick notification given by the application such as the details of the reservation, a welcoming text, and places to visit, etc. It is also possible for the smartphone to provide direct access to the room, therefore eliminating the necessity to stop by the reception. With being more personal, an app lets direct connection of the hotel personnel with guests and easy management of requests.

5. Via a Hotel App, Every Customer Can Have a Concierge

The moment guests download the hotel’s mobile app they have their dedicated assistant, their concierge if you will. A concierge, which they can easily reach out to for questions and personal services in addition to devised guides and maps. These practical apps can also be used by the guests for dinner reservations and SPA services, even if they are not at the hotel. By the app, the guests are also encouraged for sharing the hotel experience they have via social networks.

All in all, we can conclude that mobile applications for hotels will provide both hotels and guests with many great benefits and will be a “must” service demanded by guests as they experience the benefits of mobile apps in the hotels that provide them now. So would you like to join this new world?

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